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Who Can Benefit From Using EnerWatch Solutions?

Residential Developers

Town homes
Cluster homes
Single unit subdivisions

Realtors, Brokers & Property Managers

Homes for sale
Office complexes
Strip malls
Vacant buildings

Commercial Developers

Office buildings
Office complexes
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Whether you build or manage condos, malls, homes or office complexes, cold winter nights and hot summer days eat into your revenue. During construction, gas and electric consumption per building can jump ten times or more and you're paying for it. Subzero temperatures freeze pipes in property maintenance rooms, empty facilities and poorly heated areas, causing disastrous results. Humid, sweltering summer days cause mildew and moisture problems in poorly air conditioned areas.

Start using EnerWatch today and protect yourself from the ravages of winter and summer facility problems and cut your wasted energy costs.

To learn more about the EnerWatch solution, call 877-224-7908 or click here to contact us.

Heating and air conditioning
levels in buildings under
construction swing wildly, eating up your revenue with high utility costs. The EnerWatch Monitoring
System monitors building
temperatures 24/7 to ensure
that your dollars arenít blowing out the window.


  • Energy waste during heating

  • Energy waste during cooling

  • Gas and electric utility bills


Large temperature swings and improper building conditions can cause a wide assortment of interior problems that cost you money to repair. The EnerWatch Monitoring System detects the conditions that cause those
problems before they turn into an expense.


  • Drywall nail pops

  • Fallen drywall seams

  • Cracked tile grout

  • Shrunken wood floors

  • Frozen pipes


Customer expectations continue to grow. Every problem they discover reduces your revenue
stream. The EnerWatch Monitoring System alerts you to conditions that can cause building problems, so you can prevent them before they affect your bottom line.


  • Walk through complaints

  • Costly delays in closing

  • Low customer satisfaction


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