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About EnerWatch Systems

--From The Builders Journal, November 2006--Builders and Property Managers understand that to make their business grow it is vital to watch the “bottom line” of each and every project underway. Whether those jobs are new homes, condominiums, retail centers or office complexes, critical expenses include labor, materials as well as operational costs during construction. Each project involves a multitude of trades, each a potential source for leaving windows and doors open, setting the thermostat too high or too low, causing operational costs to spiral higher and higher.

EnerWatch™ Systems has developed a patented, innovative device, the EnerWatch Monitoring System™, for controlling gas and electric consumption on the job site that translates into saving thousands of dollars in energy use every year, revenue that goes right to the “bottom line.” Dominic Pizzo, founder of EnerWatch Systems, states, “We provide continuous, wireless monitoring of the temperature and humidity levels on the job site. If we observe any variances we will instantly alert the builder or developer by telephone or email. They can also log on to our website and pull up the temperature readings for their units. Ultimately, that not only offers tremendous energy savings, it also ensures that conditions on the site are acceptable for the trades, which avoids delays in the construction schedule.”

Stable site conditions also reduce repair costs associated with wide interior temperature swings. Drywall pops and seam cracks, warped cabinet doors, cracked tile grout, separated millwork seams and shrinking hardwood floors are just a few problems that can occur when interior temperatures and corresponding humidity levels fluctuate during construction. By simply optimizing interior conditions, repair labor costs decrease while customer satisfaction greatly improves. The result is shorter “punch lists” after customer walk-throughs and fewer delays in home closings.

“We have three economical service plans available depending on the builder or property managers needs,” states Dominic Pizzo. “Another use for property managers is the ability to monitore vacant units. It will not only inform them if there is a problem with the heating and cooling system, it can alert them to the presence of a “squatter” if the temperature in the unit begins to vary.”

EnerWatch Systems is already hard at work developing additional integrated features for their product. Among those features will be the ability to remotely adjust the thermostat setting on the job site from the customer's computer station, and an economical surveillance solution, which is a motion detector that can be activated at a designated time of day and transmitted over the EnerWatch Monitoring System.

EnerWatch Systems is optimizing today’s technology to help sophisticated builders and property managers maintain greater control of their bottom line while improving customer satisfaction and referrals. For more information about the EnerWatch Monitoring System, call 877-224-7908 or visit the company’s web site at